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Press Release
November 19, 2002
For Immediate Release

Parliant Corporation's easy to use product allows voice dialing from all the phones in your home or small office

Ottawa, CANADA -- November 19, 2002 -- Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the executive who has it all? Think outside the box. Parliant Corporation has introduced the latest version of Tell A Phone®, an affordable product designed to save both time and money. Just lift up any telephone in your home or office, say the name of the person you wish to call and Tell A Phone dials the number -- it's as simple as that!

Tell A Phone gives small businesses, home offices and any household equipped with a personal computer the ability to make a phone call by simply picking up any phone and saying the name of the person or company to be called. All outgoing and incoming calls (using Caller ID) are logged. The name and number, date, time, line number and duration of call are logged whether voice dialed or dialed your usual way. Tell A Phone can also use Caller ID to read a caller's name out loud through the computer's speakers, with no need to pre-record names in advance. The system can grow to service up to 9 lines.

Tell A Phone recognizes your voice right out of the box and does not require you to spend time teaching it how each user speaks English. Anyone in your home or small business can pick up any phone, speak the name and Tell A Phone will search its database and dial the number. There is no need to look up numbers in an address book, phone book or contact manager. There is no need to be near the computer.

"Tell A Phone's patented voice-activated technology is a powerful, yet simple tool aimed at making people's lives easier," says Kevin Ford, president and CEO of Parliant Corporation, "and, with the holidays upon us, it is a great gift."

Tell A Phone is an ideal gift for:

Households/Families -- Use Tell A Phone to manage phone numbers for the entire family. Once everyone enters their phone lists into the computer, all family members have access to those numbers. Never look these numbers up again.

Small Office/Home Office -- Know how phone users are spending their time and with whom. By exporting call logs, businesses can easily create client billing for time spent on the phone. Tell A Phone can be expanded to service up to 9 phone lines with a single phone book and multi-line call log. Give a gift that simplifies your work day and saves time.

Physically/Mentally Challenged -- Tell A Phone's Voice Dialing provides new found freedom for those with vision impairment, decreased fine motor skills or memory loss. Announcing the caller's name before your loved one answers the phone empowers them to decide if they wish to talk to the caller at that time. For friends, family members and caregivers, Tell A Phone provides increased peace of mind knowing that loved ones with challenges can independently maintain contact with the outside world.

Editor's Note: Contact PAN Communications at 978-474-1900 or for product photos or review copies.

Pricing and Availability

Tell A Phone is currently available at a list price of $199.95 USD at or 866-VoiceDial (866-864-2334).

About Parliant Corporation
Parliant Corporation is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, one of the world's leading high technology development centers. Its mission is "to make your life easier by providing a simple, natural layer between you and technology". Its flagship product, Tell A Phone, is an innovative telephone voice dialing device that is gaining widespread use and critical acclaim in the consumer and small business markets. For more information, visit

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