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Nov 10, 2003
For Immediate Release

Parliant Corporation upgrades PhoneValet for Mac OS X

New version improves user experience, brings telephony to other applications;
now with Address Book dialing, iChat integration

Ottawa, CANADA - November 10, 2003 — Parliant Corporation today announced the availability of the first major upgrade of PhoneValet, its inexpensive multi-line-capable computer telephony solution for Mac OS X. PhoneValet keeps track of your calls, dials numbers quickly and accurately, tells you who's calling and keeps you in touch with your calls while you're out. This upgrade is free to current PhoneValet owners and includes the following enhancements:

Tighter integration with Address Book and iChat
PhoneValet 1.1 supports dialing numbers directly from Apple's popular Address Book application. Additionally, PhoneValet 1.1 integrates smoothly with Apple's revolutionary iChat audio/video instant messaging program to automatically set iChat's status to "on the phone" when you're on the phone.

Brings Telephony To All Your Applications
PhoneValet 1.1 includes the ability to dial from many third-party applications using new AppleScript and "Apple Events" dialing support. These services make full use of PhoneValet's powerful dialing rules that automate long-distance and calling card dialing. Parliant provides plug-ins and example scripts that automate dialing from FileMaker Pro applications and Microsoft's Entourage.

With PhoneValet 1.1, incoming calls can trigger AppleScripts you create. To get you started, this release includes additional scripts and samples.

Streamlined User Experience
Responding to customer suggestions, PhoneValet 1.1 has redesigned real-time "quick searching" and improved sorting support. Management of items is sharper, with improved export and multi-select features.

Panther Compatible
PhoneValet 1.1 supports Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X Version 10.3 "Panther". PhoneValet's updated user interface takes full advantage of Panther's new look, and Version 1.1 includes support for Panther's new Fast User Switching technology.

"Since installing PhoneValet on my Mac G5 running Panther, this product has done everything it said it would do and more," said customer Peter Stremic. "PhoneValet makes dialing a snap and its feature set is full of options that allow complete configuration flexibility, including the ability to write custom AppleScripts. A real blessing to my office and personal productivity."

About PhoneValet
PhoneValet is a Personal Telephone Assistant built from the ground up to harness the power of Mac OS X. Instead of hiring a personal assistant, let PhoneValet screen calls, lookup and dial phone numbers and maintain your phonebook. With PhoneValet as your Personal Telephone Assistant, you can focus on the important tasks in life and work.

PhoneValet includes all required hardware and software to help you get more out of your existing telephones. No modem needed. At just $129.95 (USD) Parliant's PhoneValet is an ideal gift for anyone. Additional lines are only $89.95 each. Order online at, or by phone at 1-866-864-2334.

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