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June 30, 2004
For Immediate Release

Parliant Corporation delivers PhoneValet Message Center

New breakthrough product turns any Apple computer running Mac OS X into a telephone communications hub

Ottawa, CANADA -- June 30, 2004 -- Parliant Corporation, world leading developers of computer telephony products for business and consumer use, today announced the shipping of its PhoneValet Message Center (PVMC), the invention that turns any Apple computer running Mac OS X into a telephone communications hub for homes and small businesses. PVMC builds on Parliant's existing PhoneValet multi-line computer telephony solution, adding full message center capabilities to this proven, reliable technology.

PhoneValet Message Center includes the hardware and software to do the work of a skilled staffer, greeting callers professionally, announcing each call by voice and on the screen, and permitting the call to be recorded in whole or in part.

Your Macintosh can now provide voice mail, conversation recording, a searchable call history, talking caller id, caller-activated AppleScripting, a fax controller and voice dialing. Parliant's PVMC does all of this, simply, intuitively and elegantly, in the spirit of the Macintosh. PVMC gives a Mac the telephony capabilities the Apple community has always wanted but could never get. Parliant extends Apple's digital hub paradigm to include telephony.

Present a professional image...24 hours a day!
PVMC offers big business efficiencies with a personal touch. Callers can choose to leave messages in one of up to 11 mailboxes (each with a specific greeting) or all mailboxes can be turned off to create an announcement only service. PhoneValet Message Center handles all your phone lines at the same time, and messages can be emailed to your cell phone, home or office.

Keep the best record of your calls: Audio recordings
PVMC adds conversation recording to the product's already impressive call logging features. Inbound and outbound calls are listed in a permanent call history, which is easily searched using only a few letters and numbers, is sortable and exportable and has room for notes. When you choose to record a call, audio is integrated into this comprehensive database for quick retrieval.

Built from the ground up to harness the power of Mac OS X.

Call in to trigger programs on your Mac while you are out
PVMC is a new telephone-based interface to your Macintosh, complementing the traditional screen and keyboard. PVMC can perform AppleScript actions, play audio files over the telephone or speak text to the caller as the request is carried out. Use it to interface with an X-10 home controller, speak the weather from a web site, read you your iCal events, or launch administrative tasks... the possibilities are endless.

Download phone call recordings to your iPod
PVMC also has the ability to send your phone messages and recorded conversations to iTunes. Download recorded calls into your iPod in seconds for review before a meeting. The iPod screen displays the name of the caller and the time and date of the call.

Easy Dialing from Address Book and other applications
PVMC's powerful dialing rules can automate 10-digit, long-distance and calling card dialing. Calls will always be dialed correctly when you dial directly from applications using Apple's Services menu, or through AppleScript from your favorite contact manager or FileMaker. PVMC even offers voice dialing.

Screen calls and greet callers appropriately
With PVMC, you will know who's calling before you answer the phone. Incoming calls are displayed in large type on the screen, and announced over your computer speakers. You can even write AppleScripts to task your contact manager when calls are received.

Typical user experience
"My phone rings. My Mac speaks the caller's name. My iChat status changes to 'On the Phone'. My iTunes pauses. My browser launches and Googles the caller's name and address. The call is logged. Conversations are recorded. If I am busy, the message is taken and e-mailed. All without any effort from me. It's a true virtual assistant, my phone valet."

PhoneValet Message Center includes all required hardware and software to help you get more out of your existing telephones. No modem needed. PVMC is now available for $199.95 USD and can be ordered at or 1-866-864-2334.

Editor's Note: Contact Carrie Schuller at PAN Communications (978-474-1900 or for product photos or review copies.

Parliant and PhoneValet Message Center are trademarks of Parliant Corporation.