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November 2, 2004
For Immediate Release

PhoneValet Message Center Enhances Voice Mail With Real-Time Call Screening, Adds Information Center Capabilities

Ottawa, CANADA - (November 2, 2004) - Parliant Corporation today announces a new release of Macworld Best-Of-Show award-winning PhoneValet Message Center (PVMC). Version 2.1 significantly enhances PVMC's voice mail system by letting you listen in live as callers leave messages. It also enhances PVMC's ability to host informational services (like theater listings and club info lines).

Through a new real-time call screening capability, PVMC 2.1 gives you the flexibility to take important calls immediately while ensuring that callers left in voicemail continue to be treated to a professional telephone experience. Since version 1.0, you've been able to see who is calling by displaying the caller's name and number (using Caller ID) in large type onscreen, now you can hear them leaving their message live! You can interrupt the message and take the call simply by picking up the phone to talk.

Also new is enhanced support for telephone information services that don't intend for callers to leave messages in certain mailboxes. Theaters, for example, can now offer announce-only descriptions of the movies playing on each screen, while still allowing callers to leave messages in business mailboxes. PVMC provides proper treatment of callers when they select one of up to 10 informational recordings, and callers can request multiple recordings within a single call, and still leave a message at the end.

"We understand that you can't always personally answer every call that comes in, and we've all had the experience of walking in the door as a message is being left," said Kevin Ford, CEO of Parliant Corporation. "Today's PhoneValet gives you the tools you need to handle these situations by letting you hear messages as they're being left, and by adding an information center to your message center! We believe our clients will save money by eliminating phone lines that were dedicated to information numbers, and they'll save time by letting PhoneValet provide answers to frequently asked questions."

Today's release also adds an at-a-glance multi-line activity monitor for all your lines, including which mailbox callers are currently recording into; an enhanced interface for call recording; and allows ringing calls to be directed to voice mail early when you know you can't take a call.

About PhoneValet Message Center

More than an answering machine, PVMC is the invention that turns any Apple computer running Mac OS X into a telephone communications hub for homes and small businesses. PhoneValet Message Center includes the hardware and software to do the work of a skilled staffer, greeting callers professionally, announcing each call by voice and on the screen, and permitting the call to be recorded in whole or in part.

Your Macintosh can now provide multi-line multi-mailbox voice mail, conversation recording, a searchable call history, talking caller id, real-time audio call screening, caller-activated AppleScripting, a fax controller, voice dialing and information center services. Parliant's PVMC does all of this simply, intuitively and elegantly, in the spirit of the Macintosh. PVMC gives a Mac the telephony capabilities the Apple community has always wanted but could never get. Parliant extends Apple's digital hub paradigm to include telephony.

PhoneValet Message Center is currently priced at $199.95. Today's release (version 2.1) is available as a free upgrade for existing users when downloaded from our website at

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