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July 11, 2005
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Parliant's PhoneValet Podcast Makes High-Quality Phone Audio a Reality for Podcasters with New Bundle that Includes BIAS SoundSoap and Peak Express

BOSTON, MA and OTTAWA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jul 11, 2005 -- MacWorld -- Podcasting high-quality audio of telephone interviews just got easier with today's announcement of a new bundle called PhoneValet Podcast from Parliant Corp. PhoneValet Podcast is a software product extension to the PhoneValet Message Center 3.0 telecommunications hub for small businesses, homes and home offices, also being shown at MacWorld Boston.

The new PhoneValet Podcast bundle includes the VST edition of SoundSoap 2 and Peak Express from BIAS Inc. Including PhoneValet 3.0 hardware and software, the price of the PhoneValet Podcast bundle is $249.95. Existing PhoneValet 3.0 customers can upgrade to PhoneValet Podcast for $74.95.

"The inspiration for PhoneValet Podcast came directly from the podcasting community," says Parliant's President Kevin Ford. "We found a growing number of our customers using PhoneValet's unique abilities to dramatically optimize recorded telephone voice conversations for their podcasts. In talking to them, we also discovered they were in need of simple-to-use audio filtering and editing software, which led us to partner with BIAS."

With PhoneValet Podcast, podcasters have an all-in-one bundle of three OSX-compatible tools that capture, edit and enhance telephone recordings for crystal-clear interview results. Those tools are:

PhoneValet Message Center 3.0

  • Records telephone interviews using PhoneValet's proprietary hardware and software combination that is purpose-built to optimize the human voice during phone conversations
  • Records any phone conversation in its dual role as a digital telephony hub that announces, answers and forwards voice messages
  • Includes new 3.0 features for custom ring-tones, call blocking, individualized voice-mail greetings and enhanced Spotlight Search

SoundSoap 2

  • Scrubs podcast phone interview audio squeaky clean, dramatically reducing hiss, clicks, crackles, rumble, electrical hum or other unwanted noise
  • One-step "Preserve Voice" button helps reduce noise (and other audio) outside the range of the human voice
  • One-step "Learn Noise" button automatically reduces noise
  • Enhance slider offers additional tone control to cleaned up audio tracks
  • Noise Only mode allows users to hear broadband noise being removed to help ensure desired material is preserved

Peak Express

  • A streamlined edition of the industry standard stereo audio editor for the Mac, Peak's strengths shine when applied to optimizing audio for podcast streaming over the Internet
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) support for Sample Rate Conversion, Invert, Fade In/Out, Gain Envelope and Normalize
  • Supported file formats including AIFF, WAV, QuickTime, Dual Mono and Apple Lossless
  • Advanced QuickTime and DV clip support, also imports CD audio

The partnership between Parliant and BIAS brings a $400 value ($199.95 for PhoneValet Message Center, $99 for SoundSoap 2. and $99 for Peak Express if the full retail editions are purchased separately) for the $249.95 price of the PhoneValet Podcast bundle. PhoneValet Podcast is being demonstrated at MacWorld Boston booth # 522, and can be purchased at starting July 12th.

Contact Information

Kevin Ford
President, Parliant Corporation
Phone: 1 613 321-9923
  Nathan Rudyk
market2world communications
Phone: 1 613 866-3939

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