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November 18, 2005
For Immediate Release

Parliant's Award-winning PhoneValet Podcast Bundle Enhanced with Free Upgrade to Peak Express 5

Ottawa, CANADA - November 18, 2005 - Parliant Corp. is announcing an upgrade to BIAS Peak Express 5 as part of its award-winning PhoneValet Podcast bundle, a product extension of PhoneValet Message Center 3.0. The products recently won the 'Best in Show' award at MacWorld Boston 2005.

The upgrade to BIAS Peak Express 5 audio filtering and editing software means PhoneValet Podcast customers can take advantage of optimization for Mac OS X Tiger and adds audio recording capabilities, support for opening 3GPP files (default audio recording format for PhoneValet), auto-latency compensation (automatically corrects for audio plug-in latency during rendering), support for Unicode and file names longer than 32 characters, multi-document recording (allows recording past the 2 GB AIFF limit), ultra-accurate waveform display algorithm, advanced new sample rate conversion algorithm, and Load/Save/Bypass buttons for AU plug-ins, among other enhancements. Peak Express 5 is a limited edition of Peak Pro 5 - which recently won best of show in the category of Mac Audio Editor at the Portable Media & Podcasting Expo in Ontario, CA.

PhoneValet Podcast bundle also includes VST edition of the highly acclaimed SoundSoap 2, also from BIAS. SoundSoap 2 is the most affordable and easiest to use high quality audio noise reduction and restoration software available for Mac OS X. The combination of Peak Express 5 and SoundSoap 2 provides an excellent toolset for recording, editing, cleaning, and processing audio for Podcasts and other delivery formats.

"Winning a major industry award for the first edition of our PhoneValet Podcast bundle validates our commitment to partnering with world class companies," according to Kevin Ford, president of Parliant. "BIAS, the market leader in stereo audio recording, editing, processing, and mastering software for Mac OS X, enables us to bring the best, yet easiest-to-use audio editing and production facility for our podcasting customers for crystal clear interview results".

The upgrade will be made available free to existing users. New shipments of PhoneValet Podcast bundle will continue at the current price of $249.95 which includes PhoneValet 3.0 hardware and software. Existing PhoneValet 3.0 customers can still upgrade to PhoneValet Podcast for $74.95.

"Listeners expect broadcast-quality telephone voice conversations in today's podcasting environment. Our customers can now meet that expectation using the same platform as their computer telephony solution," said Mr. Ford. "This bundle represents tremendous value."

The combination of Parliant and BIAS software would cost $400 if retailed separately ($199.95 for PhoneValet Message Center, $99 for SoundSoap 2 and $99 for Peak Express) rather than the $249.95 price of the PhoneValet Podcast bundle.

Contact Information

Kevin Ford
President, Parliant Corporation
Phone: 1 613 321-9923
  Nathan Rudyk
market2world communications
Phone: 1 613 256-3939

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