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July 27, 2007
For Immediate Release

PhoneValet Anywhere Turns Apple's iPhone into One-Stop Source for All Voice Mail

Parliant turns iPhone into a single-source telephony device with real-time access to voice mail and call logs from standard telco, VoIP*, and cable lines

OTTAWA, ON, July 27, 2007 — Available now from, PhoneValet Anywhere for iPhone delivers home and office voice mails to iPhone's Safari browser, making iPhone a single-source telephony device for both wireless and landline messages. PhoneValet Anywhere for iPhone is a $59.95 server upgrade with unlimited users for existing PhoneValet Message Center 5.x customers.

"PhoneValet Anywhere extends PhoneValet Message Center's capabilities to remote Macs and PCs via a standard Web browser," said Kevin Ford, Parliant's President. "When we saw iPhone we decided to further refine PhoneValet Anywhere's interface and functionality to allow the fast-growing iPhone nation to listen to PhoneValet voice mail messages, return calls, view recent calls and view/edit notes on call details. iPhone users accustomed to Apple's voicemail application will have a very familiar experience.".

PhoneValet Anywhere for iPhone automatically converts PhoneValet voice mail files into a format that can be played on iPhone for a seamless listening experience. The audio file format is optimized to sound good but the files are small enough to download quickly even when iPhone is on an EDGE network.

Parliant's multi-award winning PhoneValet Message Center turns a Mac into a multi-line virtual call center. It features an automated attendant, unlimited voice mail call tree, call blocking, recording, logging and screening, automated dialing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities. Its patent pending technology does all this and more using standard telephone lines and many internet telephone lines -- with no need for an expensive phone switch.

PhoneValet Message Center retails at $169.95 per line for new users (including software and Parliant's USB telephone adapter) available from Parliant at, Apple stores, Apple's online store and many retailers across the U.S. and Canada. PhoneValet Anywhere for iPhone is a free upgrade for existing PhoneValet Anywhere 5.x customers.

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Kevin Ford, Parliant Corporation
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Jill McCubbin
market2world communications
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*a VoIP service where a phone adapter enables you to use a standard telephone.

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