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April 29, 2008
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Parliant updates PhoneValet Message Center

OTTAWA, ON, April 29, 2008 — Parliant Corporation today announced PhoneValet Message Center 5.4, a free update for all users of PhoneValet 5.

Parliant's multi-award winning PhoneValet Message Center turns a Mac into a multi-line virtual call center. It features an automated attendant, unlimited voice mail call tree, call blocking, recording, logging and screening, automated dialing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities. Its advanced technology does all this and more using standard telephone lines and many internet telephone lines -- with no need for an expensive phone switch. Standard telephone lines include traditional local phone lines, cable phone lines and voice-over-internet (VoIP) services that allow users to connect a standard telephone.

Today's release includes state of the art audio compression, allowing smaller, better-sounding audio for iPhone and iPod Touch users who use PhoneValet Anywhere. This new software release also includes the extended ability to screen or specially handle calls based on the area code of the caller, including the ability to block calls from telemarketers who call from 1-800 numbers, for instance. PhoneValet also includes new timed backup features to protect your valuable call history in the event of a computer crash.

"The update continues our commitment to rock-solid telephony on the Mac," said Kevin Ford, Parliant president. "PhoneValet gives you unprecedented control over your calls and messages to let you choose how to spend your time."

PhoneValet Message Center retails at $169.95 per line (including software and hardware) from, Apple and many retailers. PhoneValet 5.4 is a free upgrade for users of PhoneValet 5.x.


Kevin Ford, Parliant Corporation
Phone: 1 613 321-9923

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