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Jul 29, 2014
For Immediate Release

Echoes makes voice announcements quick and easy

OTTAWA, ON, Jul 29 2014 - Two time winner of Best of Show at MacWorld Expo and MacWorld's Eddy Award for Mac audio products, Parliant Corporation today announced the launch of Echoes. With Echoes you can have voice announcements played immediately out of every Mac on your local network.

Echoes has a simple, elegant interface that only shows up when needed:

Press a keyboard shortcut, or choose "Announce" on the menu, speak your announcement and press return or click "send". The announcement is sent to and played on targeted Macs.

Echoes can send announcements to a single person or to user-defined groups of people. Every Mac running Echoes can be a broadcaster or receiver, so replying is also quick and easy.

Echoes can be up and running in seconds. Echoes doesn't need a server, doesn't use social networking accounts, and doesn't require complicated setup. Macs on a home or office network automatically find each other using Bonjour technology, almost like magic!

"Voice calling solutions like Skype or FaceTime are great, but group calls require a lot of setup time," said Kevin Ford, CEO of Parliant. "With Echoes, we wanted to enable the simplicity that people used to have with intercoms. Calling the Sales staff for a meeting? Cake in the board room? Calling the kids to dinner? School-wide announcements through every teacher's computer? Push a button, say your message and it's delivered to all, with superb sound quality."

Echoes is available exclusively in the Mac App Store at an introductory price of $9.99. It requires a Mac running OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" or later, and can message other locally networked Macs also running Echoes. Visit for complete details.

About Parliant Corporation

With facilities in Ottawa, Canada, Parliant Corporation is a world leader in the conference marketplace with Conference Companion, the premier platform for paperless meetings and conference automation. Parliant was the top provider of advanced computer/telephone solutions for Mac and is pleased to make a return to the Mac market with Echoes. For more information, see

Kevin Ford, Parliant Corporation
Phone: +1 (613)321-9923 x753

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